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Klinik und Forschung is a magazine targeted specifically at clinicians working in the broad field of clinical research and offers a variety of articles in the field of molecular biology and cardiology. It publishes commentaries, editorials and reviews by clinicians, cardio physiologists and cardiological molecular biologists. Clinical pharmacologists comment on the so-called milestone-studies and evaluate, in addition to statistic relevancy, reliability, validity and adherence to the GCP-criteria, the quality and significance of the studies. All contributions are peer reviewed. All accepted articles will be published in the print and online-version of klinikundforschung.

The journal does not generate a profit as of now. We are planning to establish a foundation as soon as the income will cover the running expenses. We envisage that future profits will be used to support international scientific exchange in the field of clinical research. This will include the support of young scientists and the sponsoring of symposia to promote the scientific communication in the field of clinical research.

Articles should be sent to Helmut.Eckardt-@-awiki.de (Please remove - before and after @)

postal adress:

Helmut Eckardt
Waldstr. 57
D - 15566 Schöneiche
Tel.: +49/30/64903436
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